Ingrid Koedood


Welcome to my world! My name is Ingrid Koedood, born and raised in the Netherlands. I am fascinated about people: their culture, their way of living, their fears, dreams, experiences. Photography gives me the opportunity to meet these people. I have a powerful desire to travel. I am always looking for incredible faces. To give these people a voice and bring their life a little closer.

All my pictures are available for art paper prints and can be shipped all over the world. Most important thing about this is that for each sold print I will donate an amount to one of these projects:

  1. Stichting De Pastinaak – for educational support of children in Pakistan
  2. GMB Akash – for the support of people in need in Bangladesh
  3. Colosseum Gym Nairobi – to support children in Kibera slum.

Go to the shop, or read more about my stories of the places I visited. Please connect! Visit my instagram account! I love feedback and collaboration. I look forward to meeting you!